Icebreakers for Christian Teens

Friendly group of teens

You can use icebreakers for Christian teens to make friends. Even in a group of friends, icebreaker games can help you get closer to those you already know. For those with strong religious faith, finding friends can sometimes be difficult, as some people have inaccurate impressions of what it is like to be Christian. It can be even harder to find friends who share similar values or beliefs. However, icebreaker games can help make things a little bit easier.

About Christian Icebreakers

If you have never been in a camp or organized group environment, you might not know exactly what an icebreaker is. Like the name suggests, an icebreaker is a short game or activity meant to "break the ice" amongst a group of people. Typically, you play icebreaker games or activities in group environments (such as at a Girls Scout camp or church event) to let people get to know one another in a non-obtrusive way. Some games involve physical activity, while other games involve questions and answers. You can even come up with your own icebreakers to fit the situation.

Icebreakers for Christian Teens

If you've been looking for a few icebreakers for Christian teens to use at your next youth group meeting or elsewhere, there are several you can try.

What I Love About My Faith Icebreaker

Have everyone stand or sit in a circle and share what they love most about the Christian faith. You'll be amazed by some of the answers that others can come up with.

Saint Hangman Icebreaker

A fun game like hangman can be a great way to get to know everyone. With a small group, have everyone participate by starting a hangman game with the name of their favorite Saint.

Circle Sharing Christian Icebreaker

Think the game Duck Duck Goose is just for small children? Think again! Play Duck Duck Goose with your group - but with a twist. In order to sit back in the circle and not be the goose, the person must share something about themselves.

Learn About Each Other

Set up small areas where each person in the group spends a few minutes learning about the other person. Switch every few minutes so that everyone gets a chance to chat with everyone. If you're worried that the group may be a bit shy, suggest questions that people can ask before starting the session.

Two Truths and a Lie

One of the more popular icebreakers out there is Two Truths and a Lie. In this game, each person goes around and states two true facts about themselves and one lie. The group has to decide what they think is the lie. In the end, the person comes clean, and the group can chat about some of the most surprising facts.

What About Me

For groups with members who know each other a little bit, a great icebreaker can be What About Me. In this game, each person mentions something good and something bad that they thought about someone else in the group when they first met. They can also add how those impressions have changed (for the good!) over time.

Christian Sharing Icebreaker

For many Christians, faith is a strong part of everyday life. Go around the group and have everyone share one of the difficulties they encounter while trying to be a good Christian in everyday life. The group can help troubleshoot how to alleviate some of those issues.

Ten Commandments Icebreaker

On index cards, write down each of the Ten Commandments. Give each member of the group a card. If your group is larger than ten, make duplicates. Give each person a chance to tell a short tale illustrating their Commandment. The group can try to figure out which Commandment the person is describing.

Breaking the Ice in a Christian Teen Group

While icebreakers can seem a bit hokey to some people, they can also be a lot of fun. In addition to being a great way to get to know someone, icebreakers are also simple to plan for a group of people. Don't worry about how hard it can be to make friends as a Christian - just have fun.

Icebreakers for Christian Teens