Junior High Grammar Topics and Resources

Grammar is very important.

Junior high grammar is very important, both to the kids learning it and to those who have already learned it. Having proper grammar is something that many jobs require, such as jobs that require you to write letters frequently or where you will have to speak to other professionals. If you are still in school, then now is a good time for you to begin working on perfecting your grammar, both in your writing and in everyday speech.

What Junior High Grammar Students Are Learning

There are some very specific elements of grammar that students learn and review during their junior high school years:

  • Grammar basics: Even though the grammar basics, like parts of speech, are often covered over and over each year, many middle school students review these elements again and then take a closer look at how the parts work together to form written projects.
  • Standards: Each state has specific standards that are expected to be met in a particular grade. The standards can usually be found on your state's department of education website or obtained through your school guidance counselor.
  • Syntax: Junior high students often look at the syntax of words. They study how words are arranged in a sentence and how varying the arrangement can make a point clearer or even change the meaning of the sentence.
  • Punctuation: Students continue to look at punctuation, but it is usually looked at in the context of how it applies to the student's own written work. Teachers tend to edit written work and students are expected to write more essays than in previous years.
  • Prepositional Phrases: Young teens often look closely at this concept of using a prepositional phrase, which is a group of description words without a verb, such as "on the bus". They also study how to punctuate these phrases and how to work with them in a sentence.

These are just a few of the common grammar topics a junior high student will study during his school career. Obviously, a lot of topics are covered over the course of several years.

Incorrect Grammar in Junior High

When you first start learning junior high grammar, as well as the higher levels of grammar, you may grow confused about some of the rules. Teens today text and send instant messages. This style of communication necessitates a shorthand style of language that may cause teens to use improper grammar in everyday writing situations. Some common mistakes include the following:

  • Misspelling words by leaving out letters - Teens sometimes write "gr8" instead of "great" as a habit, but is an obvious misspelled word.
  • Not capitalizing - Teens rarely take the time to capitalize when texting. This can become a habit that transfers to classroom writing.
  • Not punctuating - Many junior high students either use too many commas or not enough commas in their writing.
  • Run-on sentences - Adding the word "and" over and over until there is one long sentence makes for poor writing. It is better to break a long sentence into several smaller parts.

Grammar Websites

Grammar websites can be helpful to teenagers and adults who are having problems with using grammar or remembering the correct grammar to use. If there is a specific rule that you are wondering about, then searching for it on Google.com is usually the best way to find the answer. Be wary of sites like Wikipedia.com for schoolwork, however, since it is possible for that information could be wrong. There are several websites that might help you if you want to brush up on general grammar techniques or play fun games related to grammar:

Other Sources for Help

There are many other places that will be able to help you with junior high grammar as well. If your parents or guardians are good at English, then asking them would be a good place to start. Most teachers are also willing to help with questions you might have about your homework. Checking out books on grammar at your library is another good way to get help if you need it, though the Internet is probably the fastest and easiest way to get information if you know where to look.

Regardless of where you get your help, you'll be glad you did. Learning good grammar is something that will come in handy throughout your life.

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Junior High Grammar Topics and Resources