Where to Find Prom Garters

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Garters may instantly conjure up images of a tradition between a bride and groom at their wedding reception, however many high schoolers are creating a new tradition of their own and donning prom garters to their big dance. The garter can be just for fun, but some schools actually have a garter ceremony at their prom. Either way, it's a fun new tradition for prom goers to partake in.

Purpose of a Prom Garter

Like a bride on her wedding day, a high school girl attending prom will don the garter on her right leg, just above the knee. Unlike the wedding tradition however, in the case of a prom garter, the girl is actually supposed to remove the garter herself. She can keep it as a souvenir, give it to her date or in the case of some schools, have a garter dance. A garter dance is when a girl removes her garter and throws it into a crowd of awaiting guys. The guy that catches the garter gets a dance with the girl.

How to Select Your Garter

With all of the garter choices out there, it can be fun to look around with your girlfriends to decide which one you should wear to prom. Some girls elect to match their garter to their school colors, while others opt for one that matches or complements their dress. Most garters are traditionally made from lace and silk, but you can find some that are adorned with rhinestones, feathers and other cute embellishments to make them fun and flirty for prom.

Where to Find a Garter

With so many garter options out there, there's no need to settle for something that looks like your mom's garter from the 1970s. You can purchase prom-specific garters at places like:

Bridal Boutiques

Bridal boutiques and stores do carry more than just bridal fashion and accessories, so don't immediately count these stores out. If you want your garter to have a more traditional feel of lace, silk or satin and be very feminine and girly, a bridal boutique will have many options. David's Bridal is one of the largest national bridal chains and sells much more than just wedding gowns.

Special Occasion Dress Stores

Stores that sell special occasion dresses and accessories tend to have a wider selection of out of the box garters than a traditional bridal boutique. Here you can find prom garters in shade combinations such as black and hot pink, with embellishments like feathers for a funky and prom-appropriate feel. David's Bridal is an example of a special occasion store that has a large selection of prom garters.

Online Retailers

If you're looking to create a customized garter, online retailers may be the best choice. These are especially great if you are trying to match your garter to your school colors, or add unique embellishments such as studs or rhinestones. Just remember to plan far in advance when ordering online, especially if you customize your prom garter. Advantage Bridal features fashionable garter prints such as zebra and camouflage and Garters by Kristi allows you to completely customize your garter and features color combinations such as red and black dot with feather embellishments.

After Prom

So what exactly should you do with your garter after prom is over? If you have kept it for yourself and not given it to your date, you can keep it in a scrapbook of high school memories, display it in your room on a cork board with pictures of friends, or bring it to your college dorm so you'll always remember your prom night. Whatever you choose to do with your prom garter, it's a fun and festive keepsake that reminds you of how much you enjoyed one of your last nights of high school.

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Where to Find Prom Garters