Funny Prom Pictures You Can Take Yourself

Published February 19, 2019

Crack Everyone Up With Your Funny Prom Pictures

There's something about dressing up in beautiful prom gowns and swanky tuxes that just begs for a little humor. Fortunately, you don't have to be a professional photographer to take some hilarious prom photos. Start with a few goofy faces to get the ball rolling, and then move on to some more complex funny ideas. Remember, you can use these great ideas for the Homecoming dance too.

Forget Something?

Guys, when you pick up your date or meet your friends for prom night, show up wearing a bow tie, pants, and a smile. Get shots of their reactions to your missing shirt and jacket, plus tons of photos of your hilarious prom look. Do a bunch of traditional prom poses as if you have a complete outfit on.

Take Getting Ready Photos to the Next Level

Getting ready for prom takes time. You put a lot of time into your prom hairstyles and makeup, and in the end, it's going to look great. The thing is, it can look pretty hilarious while you're in the middle of the process. Snap a few silly photos with your hair in curlers, or your makeup partly done. You can pose with friends for even more fun.

Nothing Beats a Good Photobomb

A photobomb is always funny, even when it's your dad. When you take your prom pictures, throw in a few well-timed background jumps to get a good laugh. You don't want to do this with every photo, but it can be funny in one or two group shots or photos with parents.

Perfect the Prom Dress Muscle Pose

Just because you look like a princess in your prom gown doesn't mean you can't show off some awesome (and hilarious) girl power. This is a cute photo to do with friends. Everyone expects you to be ladylike and gentle in your dress, so that makes it totally shocking and funny when you strike a muscle pose.

Get Some Hilarious Photo Booth Pics

At the dance, you can take the standard photo booth pic to the next level by staging a shot with one guy and two girls. Make sure to add some hilarious faces and fun interactions to the photo to give it real laugh appeal.

Rock a Retro Tux

You can't beat a pastel tuxedo from the 1970s when it comes to hilarious prom attire. Guys can surprise their friends and get some great photos by wearing a vintage or vintage-style tux. Learn some disco moves to make the photos extra funny. You can pose with friends or just go solo; either way, these photos will have everyone laughing.

Take Some Shots of Your Canine Date

Sure, you can't actually bring your dog to prom, but you can make it look like you're planning to. Dress your pooch up in a doggie tux or gown and pose for photos. When you share your album of prom photos, you can have a shot of your dolled-up dog alone or with the group. Either way, it's sure to be a hit.

Surprise Everyone With an Animal Mask

Just as the camera comes out, pull out a hilarious animal mask and slip it on. The contrast between your formal outfit and funny mask will have everyone laughing, whether it's in group shots or solo pics at the dance. Choose any animal you think will make people laugh - think a tiger, unicorn, horse, mouse, owl, or any other creature.

Bust a Move

The best prom photos capture those hilarious dance moves. When your friends start dancing, get out your camera and start snapping. Shoot from a little lower than their level and have them dance toward you for the funniest perspective. You'll need to take lots of shots, but you're guaranteed to get something you'll all laugh about for years to come.

Skip the Traditional Poses

When you're ready to do your prom photos, you can add a ton of humor by trying some funny poses. Throw on a pair of dark sunglasses or a crazy hat and try jumping in the air, doing cartwheels, or hanging from a tree branch. Any non-traditional pose will automatically add humor to your shot.

Bring Out the Funny Props

Pick up some funny props like moustaches, hats, and kissing lips. When you're ready to take your prom photos, pull them out and have some fun. Everyone will laugh when they see the hilarious end result.

These funny photo ideas work great for prom, but they are also awesome shots for friends to take at Homecoming, graduation, and other special events. You'll love laughing at these photos years after high school is over.

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Funny Prom Pictures You Can Take Yourself