Cute Sweater and Leggings Outfit Ideas for Teens

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During the winter months, sweaters and leggings for teens are a stylish choice for when it's cold outside. This comfy outfit can be worn during work, school, parties, or play.

About Sweaters and Leggings for Teens

Sweaters and leggings are a fashion trend that has stood the test of time and is a great wardrobe addition. Sweaters and leggings can be hip and trendy, casual, or dressy. They are also a warm alternative to wearing long underwear or sweatpants. Plus, no matter what your body type, sweaters and leggings are flattering.

Leggings are one of the most diverse items to have in your closet. They can be worn under longer sweaters, skirts, and even shorts. If you have a simple sweater you'd like to dress up, leggings work to make it more fashionable. Cable knit sweaters and cardigans make a good compliment to a pair of leggings, as well as sweater dresses. Just make sure they are long enough, but don't sag. You can use belts and wraps to give a longer sweater more shape.

How to Look Cute

Here are some tips for wearing sweaters and leggings for teens:

  • Mix and match: Buy styles that are versatile enough to mix and match. Choose neutral colors, such as gold, gray, tans, white, and blacks. Brighter colors like yellow, fuchsia, or splash color leggings can work when balanced out with tamer colors or limited prints.
  • Diversity: For a funky look, consider wearing a pair of fishnets or leg warmers over the leggings. You can also use arm warmers or fingerless gloves that hook around your fingers with a short-sleeved sweater.
  • To emphasize your legs: Leggings comes in a variety of textures and patterns. Try leggings that end halfway up the calf or feature a stripped print. When it comes to prints and bold styles, try to balance it out with simple accessories.
  • To draw attention to your upper body: A long sweater that can be worn with leggings doesn't have to be boring. Try an off-the-shoulder sweater with a camisole underneath. This takes the emphasis off your legs. Wear a chunky necklace or a hat to draw the eye up.

Shopping Guide

Check out these teen clothing stores for leggings, sweaters, and accessories:

  • Wet Seal offers leggings in a variety of color choices. Try their fashion leggings.
  • Old Navy has sweater dresses that work great with leggings. Try a boat neck sweater dress or an argyle v-neck sweater dress.
  • Ralph Lauren has cable knit sweater dresses in bright and dark colors.
  • Forever 21 has tons of cardigan and cable-knit sweater choices.
  • American Eagle has long, quality sweaters for teens. Try their clearance section for v-neck sweaters in neutral colors.
  • Walmart carries a wide selection of leggings at affordable prices.
  • Missguided has sweaters with a trendy edge for about $75 and under, as well as leggings designed for casual everyday wear and dressing up.

These stores offer accessories to complement your outfit:

Tips for Buying

Sweaters and leggings can often be found on clearance racks. Be sure to check for discounts and get clothes you'll look forward to wearing every fall and winter.

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Cute Sweater and Leggings Outfit Ideas for Teens