100+ Random & Unexpected Yes or No Questions

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Questions that are random and unexpected and can only be answered with a yes or no can be fun entertainment. These original questions by the author give you great ways to interact with friends and family.

Zany & Random Yes or No Questions

A few zany and out-of-the-blue questions can give your friends a few laughs. Ask your mom or dad a few at the dinner table or bug your brother or sister by asking them one of these questions every time he says something to you!

  1. Do you believe in ghosts?
  2. Have you ever seen a UFO?
  3. Can cats jump six times their length?
  4. Do you like chocolate milkshakes?
  5. Were you in the swamp yesterday?
  6. Did you see Bigfoot?
  7. Can you see the moon?
  8. Do you know how to swim?
  9. Can you play poker?
  10. Do you have a twin?
  11. Were you born in the summer?
  12. Do you believe in Santa Claus?
  13. Can you make yourself disappear?
  14. Were you on Survivor last year?
  15. Do you know the Schrödinger equation of quantum theory?
  16. Do mice really eat cheese?
  17. Is your shoe size 14?
  18. Can you see out the back of your head?
  19. Are Martians really green?
  20. Have elves always live at the North Pole?

Unexpected Sports Yes or No Questions

Baffle even the biggest sports buffs with a few unexpected questions. Choose a question about a sport you know they can't answer and watch them struggle to answer correctly.

  1. Do you play hockey?
  2. Can you bowl?
  3. Were you watching the game last night?
  4. Do you like to play badminton?
  5. Did baseball influence your life?
  6. Can a quarterback get a scholarship?
  7. Do you know any baseball players' names?
  8. Is the Super Bowl your favorite game?
  9. Were you on the basketball team?
  10. Did you find a golf ball in your yard?
  11. Have you ever been a golf caddy?
  12. Will you play tennis this year?
  13. Do you have a scar from playing sports?
  14. Can anyone play basketball?
  15. Do you collect sports cards?
  16. Do you watch Monday night football?
  17. Is ESPN the channel to watch live National Football League (NFL)?
  18. Do like playing Wiffle ball?
  19. Can you do the four main swimming strokes?
  20. Are you training to be a gymnast?
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Random & Unexpected Board Game Yes or No Questions

Do you know board games? Maybe your friends don't know them as well as they think.

  1. Is there a rulebook for playing Tiddlywinks?
  2. Was Snakes and Ladders first played in China?
  3. Are there seven rooms in Clue?
  4. Is Q worth 10 points in Scrabble?
  5. Does Yahtzee use more than two dice?
  6. Are there 27 properties in Monopoly?
  7. Are there three groups of cards in Clue?
  8. Are there 12 tiles for the letter E in Scrabble?
  9. Can five people play Candyland?
  10. Has Backgammon been played for 5,000 years?
  11. Can just one person use a Ouija board?
  12. Are there 10 ships in Battleship?
  13. Can you sink a sub in the game Battleship with only three hits?
  14. Are two dice used in the game Parcheesi?
  15. Can between 2 and 6 people play Chinese Checkers?
  16. Was the name of Snakes and Ladders originally called Chutes and Ladders?
  17. Are there 43 territories in the board game Risk?
  18. Are there two sets of 15 pieces in Chess?
  19. Are there 16 squares in the game Boggle?
  20. Are there six Sorry cards in the deck?

Tricky Yes or No Questions

Asking a question that doesn't have a yes or no answer can be tricky. It can also be hilarious to see the look on people's faces.

  1. Were you swimming when you were attacked by the shark?
  2. Did you break your leg from a fall when you went skiing last week?
  3. Can you only see with those blue-tinted glasses you wore yesterday?
  4. Are you and your twin identical?
  5. Do you always wear that beanie hat you had on this morning?
  6. Can I borrow your McLaren GT tonight?
  7. Do you think anyone saw you steal that laptop?
  8. Is there anyone else following you besides the Men in Black?
  9. Was your last robotic upgrade painful?
  10. Do you have the key to the storage room so you can recharge your brain tonight?
  11. Can you frame your Olympic Gold Medal?
  12. Did you hang your doctorate degree in your room?
  13. Do you have more than that one pair of blue footed pajamas?
  14. Do you always dial your phone with your toes?
  15. Were you scared when the gorilla attacked you?
  16. Is your house under police surveillance just on Tuesdays?
  17. Were you excited when you learned George Washington was you ancestor?
  18. Can you do your famous card trick for me?
  19. Did you read Little Women again?
  20. Do you think your freckles on your cheeks will disappear as you age?
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Random Otherworldly Yes or No Questions

You can stump and confuse your friends when you ask them otherworldly very random questions that are completely unexpected. Choose a few questions that you're sure will torture them the most.

  1. Did you name one of Jupiter's moons?
  2. Was your first alien abduction the one last month?
  3. Can you take a photo of the moon with your telescope?
  4. Do you always search for Venus on the horizon?
  5. Can the astronauts on the ISS catch colds?
  6. Do shooting stars ever shoot backwards?
  7. Can you see Mars from your window?
  8. Is it cold in the fourth dimension?
  9. Do you have trouble getting back into your body when you astral project?
  10. When do you go back to Jupiter?
  11. Do the lizard people like to come out of the ground and sun on the rocks?
  12. Can an alien jump higher than you?
  13. Do UFOs have a weight limit for carry on luggage?
  14. Do Tall Whites get spooked when they see you, or do they just wave?
  15. Does the Thin Man ever talk?
  16. Are black-eye children fun to talk to?
  17. Can aliens read your mind if you wear a tinfoil hat?
  18. Do interdimensional beings like to wear jewelry?
  19. Can Bigfoot really hypnotize you?
  20. Does the Jersey Devil wear a jersey?
  21. Does Mothman appear on July 4th?
  22. Do spirit guides change their hairdos?
  23. Do vampires forget their names?
  24. Are werewolves ever vegans?
  25. Can a shapeshifter look like you?
  26. Are doppelgangers allowed to eat?

100+ Strange, Random & Usually Unexpected Yes or No Questions

Answering 100+ yes or no questions can be fun when the questions are strange, random and unexpected. Ask each question with a straight face to really throw off your friends and family.

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100+ Random & Unexpected Yes or No Questions