200 Would You Rather Questions

Teens questioning which way to go

"Would you Rather?" is a theoretical question game where players have to choose between one action or circumstance and another. People of all ages can play by adjusting the types of questions allowed. Would you rather try out this fun game or keep searching for more?

Ideas for Would You Rather Questions

In this icebreaker game, which is similar to Truth or Dare, players take turns asking and answering questions. You can play with a partner or in a group setting. Each question in the game starts with the phrase "Would you rather," followed by two related options. Make the activity more exciting when you:

  • Set short time limits for answers like 10 or 15 seconds
  • Require those who won't answer their question to complete a dare instead
  • Choose a theme for all questions such as Disney characters or Music

Questions for Kids

Find Waldo or be Waldo?

Watch a movie with no sound or listen to a movie with no picture?

Ride your dog or ride in a car driven by your dog?

Eat nothing but candy or nothing but cake?

Go to school all year long or go to school for longer each day?

Teach an adult how to be a kid or be taught how to be an adult?

Take pictures of animals or let animals take pictures of you?

Drink melted ice cream or a melted popsicle?

Have wheels on your feet or have feet instead of wheels on your bike?

Be the principal of your school or have the principle become a student?

Clean Questions

Wash your hair with bar soap or wash your body with shampoo?

Take a shower outside every day or never take a shower?

Get a pedicure or give a pedicure?

Read a book with no pictures or a book written in a different language?

Watch a foreign film with subtitles or a silent film with subtitles?

Only watch animated movies forever or never watch an animated film again?

Combine breakfast and lunch or combine lunch and dinner?

Sleep standing up or walk lying down?

Always be looking in a mirror or never look in a mirror again?

Live in the same house for your whole life or live in a different house every day?

Funny Questions for Anyone

Have your great-grandfather's name or his haircut?

Look like Donald Trump or talk like Donald Trump?

Have a fake tan only on your face that's too orange or too brown?

Switch bodies with your mom or your dad?

Trade heads with the person on your left or the person on your right?

Accidentally walk into a glass wall or a brick wall?

Store all your food in your cheeks or in a hump on your back?

Sound like a sheep or a chicken when you laugh?

Believe you have a spider-sense or are a wizard?

Bring a wand or a marshmallow gun to a fight?

Teenagers sitting on grass laughing

Silly Questions

Become a centaur or a mermaid?

Be terrified of pillows or terrified of blankets?

See a squirrel wearing a scarf or an urchin wearing underwear?

Slap a seal or get slapped by a seal?

Become a pet rock or own a pet rock?

Be made of silly putty or made of play dough?

Get literally lost in a book or lost in a maze?

Get caught in an ant trap or a mouse trap?

Eat a banana with the peel on or peel a banana and find it has already been eaten?

Revert to being a baby or advance to being 100 years old?

Disgusting Questions

Eat a spider or be eaten by a spider?

Find poop and not be able to smell it or smell poop and not be able to find it?

Wear dirty underwear every day or wear wet underwear every day?

Pull off your own toenail or fingernail?

Eat food that's five months old or food with no expiration date?

Drink your own blood or your own snot?

Live inside a grave or inside an urn?

Clean the toilet with your hand or with your foot?

Eat a booger or leave it on your face?

Wear raw meat or rotten vegetables?

Questions for Tweens

Shave your head or have hair down to the floor?

Get tagged by your parents on social media or tag your parents on social media?

Make your own bed every day or make your own dinner every day?

Drink only soda or drink only juice?

Be stuck as a tween forever or skip the tween years of your life?

Only be allowed to watch Disney Junior or only be able to watch the news?

Be your sibling for a day or have them become your twin for a day?

Be famous at your school or be famous in another country?

Eat cookies for breakfast or for dinner?

Questions That Might Be Embarrassing

Live with your mom forever or live with thirty cats?

Marry the person on your left or the person on your right?

Spend all day on the toilet or spend all day in the shower?

Smell like an onion or smell like garlic?

Skip cleaning the bathroom or skip cleaning the kitchen for a month?

Have an extra finger or have an extra toe?

Marry a stranger or never get married at all?

Save your pet or save your important financial documents?

Have really loud gas or really stinky gas?

Walk around with your pants zipper down or two middle shirt buttons undone?

Questions for Teens

Get banned from Twitter or Instagram?

Be able to only send text messages or only receive them?

Be grounded for a month or not be allowed to come home for a month?

Get nose hair extensions or armpit hair extensions?

Have a huge pimple on your face on senior picture day or at prom?

Graduate but not have a ceremony or not graduate but be required to attend the ceremony?

Take an extra math class or science class each semester?

Get an internship or get a job?

Communicate only by hand signals or by smoke signals?

Be a teenager forever or never get the chance to be a teenager?

Questions for Your Girlfriend

Know me for only one day or never meet me at all?

Get married or have children?

Be stuck together in a hug or in a kiss?

Wear ugly clothes on a date or go to an ugly place?

Wear no makeup around me or too much makeup?

Have an expensive promise ring or an expensive vacation with me?

Have the same haircut as me or wear the same clothes as me?

Have a long beard or a curly mustache?

Be called my girlfriend/boyfriend or my partner?

Tell everyone every detail of our relationship or tell them nothing about our relationship?

Questions for Your Boyfriend

Have two simultaneous relationship partners or no relationship partners?

Not be able to hear me or not be able to see me?

Every day was our anniversary, or every day was your birthday?

Go to a sporting event or snuggle with me?

Watch a rom-com every night or never be able to watch movies?

Wear matching shirts every day or let me dress you every day?

Every picture in your house include me or your celebrity crush?

Never be able to stop saying how much you like me or never be able to say it at all?

Live with me or live alone on a deserted island?

Ask me to marry you or wait for me to ask you?

Family Questions

Have your own bedroom or your own bathroom?

Trade places with a parent or the sibling closest to your age?

Live together forever or never live together?

Be mean to everyone or have them all be mean to you?

Take turns making dinner or cook together every night?

Add a person or a pet to your family?

Share a phone or share a TV?

All have the same face or the same body?

Be like the Brady Bunch of the Adams Family?

Love each other and not be related by blood or be related by blood and dislike each other?

Big family sitting and talking

Questions for Adults

Lower the federal drinking age or retirement age?

Raise your salary or lower the hours you work?

Never go to work or never clean your house?

Let your kids cook dinner every night or order takeout every night?

Build your own house or your own car by hand?

Turn back into a teenager or turn back into a baby?

Have an unlimited bank account or unlimited vacation time?

Look like you're older or look like you're younger?

Take advice from your 15-year-old self or your 115-year-old self?

Commute to work on a tandem bike or a skateboard?

Questions for Guys

Have a woman's body or head for a day?

Wear a pink shirt every day or only be able to wear white head-to-toe?

Never be able to play sports or never be able to watch sports?

Have emotional conversations with your friends every day or never be able to talk to them?

Have only girls for friends or have no friends?

Have a great job and live with your parents or live on your own and be broke and jobless?

Be Deadpool or Ironman?

Read only children's picture books or women's fiction?

Listen only to feminist rock or female country singers?

Look like your mother or your sister?

Questions for Girls

Have a man's facial hair for one day or his muscles?

Be bald or get a surprise haircut?

Always have to wear 6-inch heels or never be able to wear shoes?

Be a 1950s housewife or a modern career woman?

Have equal rights with men or have more rights than men?

Live in a country of all women or all men?

Not have breasts or not be able to have children?

Only be able to shop for clothes at yard sales or at a thrift store?

Be a bridesmaid 20 times or never be a bridesmaid?

Be a real princess or the president of a country?

Questions for Couples

Cheat or be cheated on?

Be together every second of every day or only be together virtually?

Have a long-distance relationship or a rocky relationship?

Look alike or sound alike?

Hate each other's friends or hate each other's family?

Share a toothbrush or share a pillow?

Make every night a date night or never have a date night?

Take a vacation together or start a business together?

Star on a couple's reality show or watch a couple's reality show?

Be completely honest with each other or completely loyal to each other?

Questions to Send In a Text

Be able to respond only in emojis or only with misspelled words?

Use every auto-correct suggestion or let your mom create your texts?

Accidentally send your boss or your grandma an offensive GIF?

Text messages or emails that self-destruct after reading?

A message that contains a secret code or a transmission from aliens?

Have your phone stop playing videos or have the keyboard break?

Have a screaming sound or a crying sound for your ringtone?

Your phone randomly take pictures or send texts?

Have your screen break or your keyboard break?

Be able to store only one app or every app available?

Girl with sunglasses texting question

Questions That Go Deep

Have world peace or stop famine?

Know everything and not be able to speak or know nothing and unable to stop talking?

Make a new friend every day or make one perfect friend in your lifetime?

Live without a soul or without a brain?

Be a bad person who looks beautiful or a nice person who looks unattractive?

Save all the animals of the world or save all the children of the world?

Step in when you see bullying or be the person getting bullied?

Have society revert to ancient times or skip a thousand years to the future?

Win a billion dollars and give it all away or have to spend it on yourself all in one day?

Only be able to talk to people in person or not be able to speak?

Extreme Questions

Jump out of an airplane or off the top of a mountain with a parachute?

Swim with sharks or swim with narwhals?

Be a ghost or a zombie?

Live on a boat in the water or on an airplane in the sky?

Be covered head-to-toe in tattoos or in hair?

Drive a racecar or ride in one?

Downhill ski at the speed of light or the speed of a snail?

Walk barefoot over burning hot coals or over the coldest ice?

Eat your own appendix or gallbladder after having it surgically removed?

Perform brain surgery or heart surgery?

Impossible Questions

Have your whole life on TV or never be able to watch TV again?

Only be able to eat what you grow or only be able to eat what you kill?

Live during a time of world peace or create world peace?

Travel to another dimension or another galaxy?

Drink milk from a bat or a gorilla?

Stop using paper or stop using plastic?

Buy all your groceries at a gas station or at an all-for-a-dollar store?

Only buy things online or only buy things in stores?

Use your non-dominant hand for texting or for taking selfies?

Walk only on your elbows or only on your knees?

Hardest Would You Rather Questions

Get no presents for Christmas or no candy for Halloween?

Plumbing was never invented or electricity?

Save your oldest child or your youngest child from a natural disaster?

Be an alien from another country or an alien from another planet?

Not feel any movements in your body or feel every movement in your body?

Put regular pants on two legs at a time or put one-legged pants on one leg at a time?

Have the hottest day of summer forever or the coldest day of winter forever?

Be broke and happy or rich and depressed?

Get flushed down the toilet or thrown in the trash?

Be a woman or a man?

Ask Away!

"Would You Rather?" and other question games such as "Truth or Dare?" are the ultimate games for parties, sleepovers, a night out, or traveling in the car. The versatility and room for creativity make it so addictive you won't be able to stop asking, "Would You Rather?"

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