Teen Bedroom Alarm Clock Radio Types

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Teen bedroom clock radios are perfect for the 13 to 19 year-old in your home. Not only can the teen wake to her favorite music, but when the clock is not being used as an alarm, it serves the dual purpose of functioning as a radio to listen to some of today's top music.

Types of Teen Bedroom Clock Radios

There are many options for teen clocks for the bedroom that also feature radios. You'll want to be sure to find one that your teenager will love. Here are a few ideas:

Traditional Alarm Radio Clock

Alarm clock radios have been around for many years. The tried-and-true design of a knob on the side that selects the channels and a simple button that sets the alarm works just as well today as it did 20 years ago. With many vintage looks back in style, a radio clock that resembles something from the 80s may be exactly what your teen will love.

iPod Dock Clock

If you've been around many teens, you are probably aware that almost all carry an iPod or other MP3 player. Music seems to be an integral part of a teenager's day. What better way to allow her to listen to her music and charge her iPod at the same time than a dock clock combo? These docking stations can be simple or complex. Some simply charge the iPod and allow the teen to listen to music through speakers, while others offer an alarm clock feature and the ability to play AM and FM radio. It is probably not a good idea for a teen to listen to the music while sleeping, or the alarm is unlikely to wake him. Instead, encourage your teen to turn the music off at bedtime, so he can enjoy the benefits of his alarm clock radio/MP3 player.

Unique Clock Radios

Looking for something truly unique? Here are some unusual clocks that are great conversation pieces, but also functional alarms and radios. When it comes to your unique teenager, finding a clock solution that is unusual may be just what she needs.

  • Memory Ball Alarm and Radio: The flat top of this clock radio acts as the station buttons. Pre-program up to nine AM and nine FM stations. A small magnetized ball will settle and choose the station. Roll the ball to a new spot and the station changes. Runs on batteries or electricity.
  • Projection Alarm Clock Radio: This clock projects the time digitally on the wall or ceiling. The clock also plays AM and FM radio. Features a nine minute snooze button. Choose to wake either to the radio or to a buzzer. Also offers a sleep function, so you can listen to music before falling asleep, but not leave it on all night.
  • Online Clock Radio: Today's youth are definitely technology savvy. Utilizing this free online clock radio might be the perfect solution for your web-savvy teen. The clock is pretty simple, allowing you set a wake time and choose a genre of music. Choose from genres such as alternative rock, 80s, country or rap.

Why Purchase an Alarm Clock Radio for Your Teen

Almost all teens like to sleep in. Maybe it is the added stress of school, too many activities, a busy social life or simply the many changes an adolescent's body goes through, but many teens have a hard time waking up, even with an alarm clock. Teen bedroom clock radios can be a nice change from the blaring siren of a traditional bell alarm clock. As long as your teen doesn't incorporate the song into her dream and keep right on sleeping, this is an excellent solution to an age-old problem.

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Teen Bedroom Alarm Clock Radio Types