Tyler Durden Clothing

Fight Club

If you aren't familiar with the background, you may be surprised to find that Tyler Durden clothing isn't a brand; in some ways, it's a part of a cult following. The clothing is based on a 1999 character from the movie Fight Club, an aggressive soap salesman named Tyler Durden. This mismatched, unruly character become a fashion icon; his clothing doesn't follow fashion rules, but resonates a unique style.

Where to Get a Complete Outfit

The web has many stores that sell apparel inspired by Tyler Durden's style. Here are some of the collections that offer the clothing you'll need to dress like Tyler Durden:

  • eBay: Ebay has a full Tyler Durden store, which is ideal if you are totally obsessed with this character and want to dress like him frequently. This is arguably the best place on the web to recreate his fashion sense. You can easily find the shirt, jacket, pants, shoes and accessories with just a quick search.
  • The Movie Shop: There are tees here, but you will also be happy to know that you'll find sunglasses and coats, depending on when they're in stock.
  • Etsy: For the more polished way to evoke this character, head over to this site because they have a nice stock of leather jackets similar to the ones worn in the movie.
  • Vintage Cotton: This site only has a limited supply of Tyler's clothing, but the possibility of new items coming in is high.

You may also want to take an hour or two here and there to peruse your local thrift and second-hand stores. Those are the perfect places to look for retro style clothing without paying a fortune. It's quite easy to look like you're wearing Tyler Durden clothes with a little bit of time and some seemingly haphazard yet well thought-out pairings.

Personalized Clothing

For a Tyler Durden look that is more on the personalized side, you'll want to shop at places that allow you to create your own designs. Check out some of the best ones:

  • Zazzle: Here, you will find a collection of Tyler Durden t-shirts. Some are quotes, such as, "We are defined by the choices we make." Others are very simple with a picture or a short phrase like, "Free Tyler Durden."
  • Red Bubble: When you want the look of this well-known character to be completely in your own image, then this is the place to shop. It's ideal because you can make your own Tyler Durden t-shirt with any design template you like.
  • Chasing the Frog: Here you will find a large selection of tees along with the occasional Tyler Durden jacket to complete the look.

What Tyler Durden Wore

You can purchase clothing like that worn in the movie by Brad Pitt or you can seek out Tyler Durden-inspired t-shirts with quotes and images from Fight Club. A summary of clothing that defines the look:

  • Red or burnt orange leather jacket
  • Aviator-style sunglasses
  • Button-down colloared shirt w/ a small pattern such as check, plaid or gingham
  • T-shirts (long-sleeved, short-sleeved or thermal-style)
  • Alligator shoes, mainly a loafer
  • Wool, relaxed fit pants
  • Distressed denim, often in a dark wash

If you want to dress like Tyler Durden, be ready to neglect any of the fashion rules you ever learned and listen to your creative, unruly side. This style isn't for the faint of heart because even if people recognize it as Tyler Durden's style, you'll still be cultivating quite a few stares.

Behind the Style

In Fight Club, Brad Pitt's character was a soap salesman named Tyler Durden and his style had an edgy, vintage feel. Similar tops are especially sought after. Men everywhere want to look like Tyler Durden in his second-hand, hipster attire.

The mind behind the hit wardrobe was costume designer Michael Kaplan. He has also been in charge of dressing the casts of movies such as Pearl Harbor, Armageddon, Seven, Flashdance, and more.

Fashion Outside the Box

If you aren't afraid of a little-or a lot-of chaos in your wardrobe, Tyler Durden clothes may be up your alley. They're great for artistic types, too, because they allow you to put together unexpected colors and patterns. If you're a fan of the movie but you don't feel like embracing the flamboyance required to sport his style, you can always pick up a t-shirt or two with a quote from the movie.

Tyler Durden Clothing