Teenagers and Beauty Standards in Today's Society

All teens are beautiful

Thanks to stress from the media, peer pressure, music and more, beautiful teenagers are expected to be everywhere. While that might be acceptable for the fictional version of your favorite high school comedy on television, those types of standards are often too much for the average teenager. Many teenagers at the height of physical awkwardness who are trying to find out who they are and where they fit into the world have trouble trying to be one of the many beautiful teenagers out there.

Do We All Have to Be Beautiful?

We've all seen it on shows like 90210: beautiful teenagers are everywhere. In fact, on many television hit shows and movies, they rule the school and world. Their parents give them whatever they want and they have numerous friends. With all of these influences, it is easy to understand why real life teenagers can look at this and feel uncomfortable. After all, how many of us - no matter how beautiful - get everything they want and achieve perfect grades without trying?

Unrealistic portrayals of beautiful teenagers can make teens feel bad about themselves. On television, no one has a bad day, acne or goes a second without brand name clothes. No matter how blessed a real life teen might be, there are always problems that can make people second guess themselves.

Beautiful Teenagers: How to Be One

Whether you believe it or not, all teenagers are beautiful in one way or another. Perhaps you have really gorgeous eyes that are the envy of all of your friends or you have a way with math that many people desire. Whatever makes you particularly beautiful is a big part of what makes you special. While you might not feel that way, there are a few things you can do to bring out all of your beautiful teenager tendencies:

  • Find things you are talented at and improve on them. Do you want to be a teen model? Look into test shoots and a few agencies to try to make your dreams happen. Are you great with children? Consider babysitting. Are you great at high school sports? Speak with recruiters and see if you are in a position to make your passion a career. Doing what you love only helps to bring out your beauty.
  • If you don't feel physically beautiful, work to change that. No, that doesn't mean dieting to the point of exhaustion. If you are at a healthy teen weight, try a new hairstyle or make-up routine. Small changes can make a huge difference. If you and your doctor feel you have to lose a few pounds, start an exercise routine. Studies have shown that exercise not only helps lose weight but can increase your confidence!
  • Talk to your friends to find out why they think you are beautiful. Sometimes, just hearing it from someone else can make you more likely to believe it!
  • When things get a bit stressful, don't forget to take time to keep treating yourself right. This includes everything from just spending time alone to eating a good breakfast to spending time with people you care about. Who knows what you need better than you?

A Final Thought

There are so many influences out there that can get in the way of thinking you're one of the beautiful teenagers out there. With all of these different ideas of beauty, you might even find it difficult to wrap your head around the whole idea. However, when it comes down to it, your own ideas of beauty are the most important. Figure out how you feel and let the rest of the world fall around into place.

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Teenagers and Beauty Standards in Today's Society