Places to Shop for Junior Sweater Dresses

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Junior sweater dresses are becoming very popular with teenagers and adults alike. Many celebrities have been spotted wearing them, which makes them even more popular with teens that enjoy following fashion trends of their favorite stars. A sweater dress is usually a long sweater that comes down past the wearer's knees; leggings are often worn with a sweater dress. Wearing a belt with a large buckle across the middle of the dress is also another trend that goes along with sweater dresses. Fall is a great time for sweaters and sweater dresses because the weather is cool enough to wear long sleeves, and it is no longer hot outside.

Where to Find Junior Sweater Dresses

If you are looking for junior sweater dresses for yourself or to give as a gift, then there are many different stores where you can look. Your local mall or shopping center probably has many different stores in it, and some that may carry sweater dresses are:

• JC Penney

• DEB Clothing Stores

• Dillard's

• Hollister and Company

• American Eagle

• Abercrombie and Fitch

• Gap

• Old Navy

• Victoria's Secret

• Wal-Mart

• Target

Sometimes you might not have the time to go shopping, but, with the Internet, you can often find just as many types of sweater dresses as you could in a store. Shopping online is also good if you are having trouble finding a junior sweater dress that you like. Some good sites to look for sweater dresses are:




• The websites of any of the stores already listed, or any store that carries sweater dresses



• Janie and

• Crazy


• Back

• Ami Club

When you buy clothes online, you need to make sure that you read the sizing guide that is usually provided, since you cannot actually try on anything until you receive the item. Often, sites will allow you to exchange the item if it does not fit correctly, though some may not let you and even if it does, you will have to wait at least a week, in most cases, to get your junior sweater dress replaced with one that fits you. When you give clothing as a gift, make sure you know the receipient's size since an undersized or oversized sweater will do him/her no good. Since teenagers who have not had their growth spurts yet might grow at least a little, getting the sweater dress a little bigger might be a good idea, though if it is too big then the teen still might not be able to wear it, even after she grows a little.

When to Wear Sweater Dresses

After you have your sweater dress, you might not be sure about when you should wear it. There are many different places where wearing a sweater dress would be appropriate. A few of these places are:

• To school or work

• On a chilly day

• To a job interview

• To a party

• To a church service

There are many other places where you could wear a sweater dress, though there are also times when wearing one might not be such a good idea. If you are supposed to dress formally for an event like a school dance or funeral, then a sweater dress might not be the best idea.

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Places to Shop for Junior Sweater Dresses