Juniors Trendy Summer Clothing Pictures

Summer Wear


Teens typically look forward to the long, lazy days of summer. Once school is out, there is more time for outdoor sports, sleeping in and spending time on hobbies. With so many activities from which to choose, a wardrobe that suits warmer, and usually more active, days is a necessity. Stay cool and fashionable this summer with these trendy wardrobe ideas for the warmest months of the year.



In the 1960s, designer Lilly Pulitzer made the sundress a popular fashion choice. Since then, the sundress has never really gone out of style. Each year, new twists on this classic dress appear, but the overall look remains the same. You'll find sundresses in stores like Old Navy and Hollister. Jazz up a plain sundress with a scarf belt or simple sash in a bright color.

Mini Skirts


Although the mini skirt goes in and out of fashion, a well-made skirt paired with a conservative top seems to always be in style. Match with Mary Janes for an innocent look or boots for a country look. Adding flip-flops or sneakers will create a casual look that is perfect for a trip to the mall with friends.

Tank tops


Tank tops are readily available in just about any store that caters to teen fashion. You'll find them everywhere, from your local Walmart to upscale boutiques. In addition to being easy to find during the summer months, you can purchase them in every color of the rainbow or in a variety of prints. You can even purchase tanks featuring logos from your favorite bands. Pair them with shorts, skirts or jeans. Wear them alone or under a short-sleeved shirt.

Tube Dresses


A fun, summer look features the classic tube dress. These dresses are straight body huggers. Most come without straps. They can be semi-long to short. A short dress can make a cute swimsuit cover up that will take you from the beach to a dinner out with friends.



Once, only young boys and men wore shorts. Today, women, children and teens also sport this summer look. Shorts come in a variety of materials and lengths. You'll find denim shorts or cotton shorts. Styles mimic whatever is trendy at the moment, which changes from season to season. For a look that never seems to go out of style, choose a longer short, and pair with a t-shirt and sneakers.



For an of-the-moment look that's versatile and fun, try a pair of slim capris. You can pair them with a flowy top or a simple t-shirt and head to the beach or the mall. Dress them up for evening with a pretty top and a pair of heels.

Empire Waist


Empire waist dresses and tops are a summer staple for many teens. This flattering style is perfect over a bathing suit, and you can transition to evening by adding pretty jewelry and shoes.

Hats for Summer


Hats are a fashionable summer accessory that are as functional as they are attractive. Look great while staying cool and keeping the sun off your face and out of your eyes in a lovely wide-brimmed hat.

Strappy Sandals


Dress up your favorite summer fashions with strappy sandals. This stylish footwear option can be flat or have high heels. Strappy sandals coordinate perfectly with everything from jeans and shorts to mini-skirts and summer dresses.

Flip Flops


No summer wardrobe is complete without a few pairs of flip flops. From beach-friendly flip flops to styles adorned with beads or rhinestones, you need several flip flop options to be fashionable and comfortable all summer long. Summer fashion trends change quickly, but flip flops will always be a warm-weather wardrobe staple.



Even if you don't have a lot of extra money to buy designer summer clothes, you may be able to splurge for a great pair of sunglasses. Another option is to buy cheaper shades, but in a wide variety of styles and colors. When it comes to sunglasses, the bigger the better.

Choosing Summer Style


If you're still feeling uncertain about which summer fashions you should wear, try taking your friends with you on your shopping expedition. Your friends can offer advice about what cute styles are most flattering for your figure and help you make great wardrobe choices!

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Juniors Trendy Summer Clothing Pictures