Where to Find Tween Holiday Sweater Sets

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Tween holiday sweater sets are a great gift to give your favorite tween or teen. A sweater set is usually defined as a matching cardigan sweater and jumper sweater, though it could also be considered a set of matching sweaters to be used as gifts for two different people, a sweater and sweater vest, or a set of similar sweaters to be given to one person. Since tweens often enjoy getting new clothes, a sweater set can be a great gift for Christmas or for birthdays. If you are giving a sweater or sweater set for Christmas, then getting a holiday themed one can make the gift even more special, though it will probably only be worn around Christmastime, since most people don't wear holiday sweaters beyond December.

Where to Buy Tween Holiday Sweater Sets

When you are looking for a place to buy tween holiday sweater sets, there are many different places where you can look. Before you buy a sweater set, however, it is important to make sure that you know the person's size. Getting the wrong size can make the gift useless to the pre-teenager receiving it, especially if it is too small. A sweater that is too large can often be shrunk in the dryer, or the tween might grow into it, since they tend to have growth spurts anyway. Another advantage to buying your gift a little bit bigger than the teenager's size is that it can ensure that he or she can enjoy the sweater set for years to come, and protect it from being shrunk too small in the dryer. A few places where you might find a sweater set in a store are:

• Old Navy

• Dillard's

• Target

• DEB Clothing stores

• American Eagle

• Hollister

• Abercrombie and Fitch

• Pac Sun

• Sears

• Macy's

• Burlington Coat Factory

You can also look online for tween sweater sets; although be careful about sizes when shopping online, since you cannot physically touch the item to see if it will fit until it arrives. Also, if you need the sweater by Christmas or some other important date, read the shipping and handling details, since shipping an item can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Some websites where you can find sweaters and sweater sets are:

• Amazon.com

• Buy.com

• CashmereBoutique.us.com

• Overstock.com

• Zappos.com

• DogFunk.com

• Backcountry.com

• LandsEnd.com

• Ebay.com

Buying sweaters online can be much more convenient than going out to a store, especially if you do not have much time on your hands to shop.

Gifts to Go with Sweater Sets

Perhaps you want to buy a gift that will go well with the sweater set. If this is the case, then there are many other options when you are buying clothes for tweens. Getting a gift card to a clothing store is also a great idea, since the child can purchase whatever he or she wants with it. If you are looking for other clothing gift ideas, a few good options to consider are:

• Hooded sweatshirts or zip-up jackets

• Pull over sweaters

• Embroidered sweaters

• Sweater dresses

• Blouses or T-shirts

• Shoes

• Jeans from the teen's favorite store

• Jewelry

Buying a gift for a tween can seem intimidating sometimes, especially if you do not know her well. Keep in mind that it is always okay to ask the pre-teen what she likes.

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Where to Find Tween Holiday Sweater Sets