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Article Highlight: Author Keisha Burton Talks About Eating Disorders in Teens

Peer pressure, body changes and hormonal changes may cause you to feel badly about the way you look. While you may have thought nothing about the way you looked a couple of years ago, as a teen, you may start… Keep reading »

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Being a teenager can be confusing, and it's always nice to get a little advice from people who are experts in this field. LoveToKnow Teens is proud to offer lots of exclusive interviews with experts in a variety of areas relevant to the lives of teenagers today.

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Whether you're curious about your body's development or concerned about how to deal with a bully at school, it isn't always easy to ask the questions that are on your mind. While most teens have a great support network of adults who are happy to offer help and answers, they aren't always comfortable asking the questions.

These expert interviews offer you first-hand access to the information you really need. The interviews ask and answer the real questions that you've been considering.

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This is the place to find exclusive interviews about everything from proms to peer pressure. These are just a few of the informative and fascinating interview topics you'll enjoy on LoveToKnow Teens:

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