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Gallery of Real Teen Pictures

These real teen pictures will help you get a good view of the typical days in a modern teen's life. From school to work to friends, today's teens are smart, capable and filled with unique ideas that are certain to one day change the world as we know it. Many teens prefer to hang out in groups, rather than one-on-one.

Real Teens Go to School

School is a big part of a teenager's life. School serves as a place to get an education, participate in sports, make new friends and try new technology. Larger schools offer many classes to help prepare students for today's internationally competitive business world. Smaller schools often take advantage of local community colleges to expose students to new experiences.

Fashion Forward

Teens know who the latest designers are and appreciate well-made clothing and accessories, but many of them choose simple styles that allow them to have a quality wardrobe without spending thousands of dollars. Today's teen is often conscious of problems in the world, such as hunger, and prefer to spend less money on frivolous things and more money helping people in need.

The Pressures of School

There is a lot of pressure on teenagers to perform well in school. A college education is almost a necessity for many young people in order to compete with other people already in the workforce. This means that they need to maintain a high grade point average and take advanced courses.

Teens Love Music

Real teens know that it doesn't matter what your taste in music might be, as long as you are true to yourself. With easy access to MP3 players and downloadable music, a teen is as likely to listen to classic rock from the 80s as a more current hip-hop song. Most teens listen to an eclectic mix of various hits.

Work Life

Many teens today must juggle school and home responsibilities with a part-time job. Teenagers tend to work in retail and fast food, but some teens have started their own businesses.

Stressful Tests

Standardized testing is a normal part of students' lives. By the time they reach their high school years, they've usually taken dozens of state and national tests meant to measure their progress and see how they compare with other students in their grade. By high school, in addition to many state mandated tests, students must also take college entrance exams and tests such as the SAT and ACT.

Involved in Sports

Many teens enjoy playing sports. No matter what your interests or limitations are, there is certain to be a sport available for you. Just a few of the sports available at most school include: basketball, cheerleading, football, soccer, tennis, track, baseball, volleyball and dance teams.

Time Tested Entertainment

Teens enjoy fitting in a few fun activities with their friends. Some tried and true things teens enjoy doing include shopping, going out to dinner, walking around the shopping mall with friends or going to see the latest horror flick. Some things never change!

Technology and Teens

Although many people think technology minded teens may not be close to one another, teen friendships are actually much deeper than ever before. The ability to text one another throughout the day, talk on the cell phone and zip out a quick e-mail allows teens to develop close and lasting bonds. Many average teens today are comfortable in their own skin because of these great friendships.

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Real Teen Pictures of Everyday Life