Teen Swimsuit Styles

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Teens' swimsuits are categorized by their fashion-forward styles, bold prints, and liberal use of color. Both guys and girls can benefit from knowing what what types of suits mesh best with their personalities, how to get the most flattering style, and where to shop for youthful suits.

Teen Swimwear for Girls

Teenage girls present a larger challenge than guys when it comes to shopping for their suits. Will it be a tankini, a bikini, a one piece or girls' board shorts? The possibilities are endless, and the shopping can be, too.

Best Fit

To get the best fit, take measurements around the widest point of the bust and hips, and a waist measurement as well. This will prepare you to select a size in every style available. Be aware that sizes vary from one manufacturer to the next, so refer to each brand's sizing chart to see which size most closely matches your measurements.

Here are a few extra tips to help swimsuits for every stage of development.

  • To de-emphasize a full bust, choose halter style tops that help the bust appear smaller.
  • To add definition to a boyish figure, select swimsuits with flared skirts or ruffles around the hips.
  • To de-emphasize larger hips, choose suits that draw the attention upward. Lighter prints on top, and solid darker bottoms will work nicely together.
  • To to hide a larger waistline, choose a tankini swimsuit that takes the emphasis off the tummy. A one piece with a belt will also help create more of a waistline.

Lands' End has a helpful web page that can help teens find the best style of suit to complement their body shape. The Swim Finder helps you find the best suit for you based on preference.

Swimwear Styles

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There are many different types of teen swim looks, and each holds its own particular advantage. These styles include:

  • Bright Colors and Prints: Being young offers plenty of perks and that's particularly true when it comes to fashionable swim styles. Now is the time to experiment with color and bold prints. Whether you are a fan of bright geometric shapes, or prefer a flowered print that is as pretty as it is feminine, you can find a style that is perfect for you.
  • Tankini Styles: A tankini is a great alternative to a traditional one piece or bikini top, and the added benefit of the look is that it provides plenty of tummy coverage. Even if you are fit and trim, a tankini can be a great selection because it's perfect for girls who love to be active at the beach or poolside. Additionally, because of their inherent mix-and-match qualities, you can opt for colors and prints that you might not otherwise find with traditional bikinis and one piece styles.
  • Skirtinis: When it's time to choose a super cute style, don't underestimate the bold flirtatiousness of a skirtini. You'll love the fact that the skirtini provides the ease and comfort of a traditional bikini bottom, but couples it with the cuteness of a skirt. Moreover, this style also provides a bit more coverage, so if that is one of your goals, then this style might be a good fit.
  • Boy Shorts: When it comes to boy shorts, you'll want to think more fitted and sporty than sexy and seductive. The reasons for this are quite simple; you don't want to miss out on all the active fun at the beach simply because your shorts are too tight. Instead, the right boy short can help you not only look fit and fabulous, but it can also give you the flexibility to enjoy all the aspects of being near the water.
  • Full Coverage Bottoms:Think full coverage bikini bottoms are staid and old-fashioned? Well, prepare to think again as many of the full coverage looks today come with bold and substantial side ties. The benefit of this look lies in the ties because they act more as adornment than practical fanfare. However, the key to getting this style to look just right lies in the width of the side ties; you'll want to look for bold ties that come with a bit of fabric, not skimpy ones that can look a bit anemic.
  • Bikinis: Many cute, fun bikini styles are available for teens, but make sure they offer enough coverage, especially if you plan to be active at the beach or pool. Halter styles can be more secure than triangle tops, and hipsters or boys shorts will offer better protection against bathing suit mishaps if you are participating in water activities.
  • Bandeau tops are also cute and popular, but they usually work best if your chest is on the smaller side. Some bandeau tops also have a string or tie around the neck like a halter, which can help keep your suit secure and still have the bandeau look.
  • Girls board shorts: These cute pieces are much shorter than guys' board shorts, comfortable, and are perfect for using as a coverup or when you'll be doing dives or going down water slides in case your swimsuit bottoms ride up or down.

Choosing Teen Guys' Swimwear

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Picking out swimwear for guys is usually a straightforward matter. The basic choices are simple; trunks or speedos. Most teenage boys will be far more comfortable choosing trunks, and board shorts are always a hit with this age group. These trunks are available in two lengths: mid thigh and knee length.

  • Board shorts: These are are one of the few standout swimwear styles that are both comfortable and stylish for their days by the pool or at the beach. These shorts are slightly longer than traditional trunks and have a lot more room for a more relaxed fit.
  • Fit: Swimsuit fitting for boys is also easily accomplished. Depending on the style selected, the suit will either ride around the waist or the hips. To have your bases covered, measure around both before you shop so you'll know your size no matter which style is chosen. Suits with adjustable ties or drawstrings in the front can help ensure the trunks or shorts fit correctly and stay put during beach or water sports.
  • Style: Trunks and shorts come in solid colors and various print styles. Teen guys should look for a print or color that reflects their personality. Contrasting colors, stripes, and tattoo or graffiti-inspired prints are popular for young men.

Where to Shop for Teenage Swimwear

Now that you know many of the different swim styles that are available for teens, you'll need to know where to shop. The following online shopping sites can help:

  • Beachwear Illustrated: Beachwear Illustrated offers several Raisins Swimwear styles that are perfect for teens. If you are searching for a full coverage bikini that still offers plenty of style, this might be the site for you.
  • Athleta: If one-stop shopping is your cup of tea, then you have to check out Athleta. Here you'll find everything from prints to tankinis to skirtinis that get noticed.
  • Pac Sun: For the athletic and surf set, the swimwear at this store is a little more on the casual side, but still stylish.
  • Old Navy: There is perhaps no better place to find swimwear at massive discounts than this retail powerhouse, known for their weekly deals.
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  • Macy's: This iconic department stores has such a wide variety of junior swimwear that you might need to take deep breath to digest it all.
  • Abercrombie & Fitch: Supplying a nice stock of swimwear for teen girls and boys, there is also an element of classic American sportswear to their swimsuit styles.

Wear with Confidence

A great suit with the right fit is paramount for feeling good once sea-side, but you don't want to forget about wearing that suit with confidence. Keep in mind that there's no need to feel self-conscious about your suit at all; in fact, everyone on the beach probably has the same concerns you do about looking great in their suit. Understanding this universal truth means that you can wear your suit with panache and focus on what's really important -- having fun in the sun and creating memories that will always make you smile.

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Teen Swimsuit Styles