Troubled Teenagers

Strategies for Dealing With Teen Bullying

Strategies for Dealing With Teen Bullying

A stranger ruining your life on social media can be devastating. And cyberbullying is just one weapon that bullies have in their vast arsenal. Get some unique ways that you can deal with your bully after you've… Keep reading »

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For many teens, the adolescent years are a time of turbulent emotions and unexpected challenges. Pressure comes from all sides, including peers, parents, and teachers. It's no surprise that some teens have trouble keeping their heads above water.

Resources for Teens and Concerned Adults

Being a teen is fun, but it isn't always easy. It can help to learn how other teens have coped with difficult situations. In the exclusive interviews, exciting slideshows, and fascinating articles on LoveToKnow Teens, you'll learn about the best ways to resist peer pressure, how to deal with drug addiction, and how to face the many other challenges of the teenage years.

Sometimes it's parents and other adults who first notice that a teen is having problems. Whether you're a parent worried about your own teen or an educator, religious leader, or coach who sees trouble ahead for a special student, you'll find information designed to help you reach teens who desperately need your support.

Information on Programs for Troubled Teens

Often, teens and their parents find that they need outside help to get the teen back on the right path. With the hundreds of programs out there, it can be difficult to figure out which type of camp or retreat is right for your family. LoveToKnow Teens has an extensive collection of informative articles about wilderness camps, religious retreats, and other programs for teens in trouble. You can read about your options before you choose a program.

You're Not Alone

If you're a troubled teen or are the parent of a teen who seems to be struggling, you're not alone. It's easier than ever before to research the issues you're facing, and LoveToKnow Teens has dozens of articles to help.

Troubled Teenagers